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Out of stock

This device not only helps to develop muscles but also improves blood circulation. The high-frequency vibrating wave can efficiently target areas with excess fat. Two-way massaging belts enables 2 people to use it at the same time. With 5 speeds to choose from, it meets the requirements of all ages to choose either the massaging or body slimming effect. The massage pad stimulates the body’s acupuncture points with a strong spiral vibration. it enables vital nutrients to reach all parts of the body and allows toxic substances to be excreted.

Features and Functions

– 5-speed system (3600~~7200 RPM)
– Unique vibrating spiral waves stimulate circulation to help promote toning, firming, smoothing and strengthening of problem areas
– 9 different height adjustments
– Economical for 2 person usage
– Spiral vibrating waves
– Acupuncture massage pad
– Multi-functional two-way massaging belts can cover two body areas at once
– More than 40 belt positions and adjustments to get a full body workout

Input voltage
110V / 60Hz
Power (belt)
130 – 180W
Power (foot massage)
RPM (belt)
3600 to 7200
RPM (foot massage)
Length of short belt
57 in
Length of adjustable belt
115 (max) in
34 x 18 x 43 in
Net weight
81.4 lbs
Weight56.25 lbs

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  1. Jim

    Why did you discontinue making this machine. I been using for years and still going.