ST-60B: Thermal Cooker



Just 10 minutes on the stove, leave for work or play and return home to a delicious meal. Thermal cooker saves energy costs and preparation time. Simply place the ingredients in the inner pot, cover lid and bring to a boil on your stove (approx. 10 minutes). When brought to a boil, remove from stove and place in outer thermal pot. Thermal technology creates a convection effect by using the steam produced inside to circulate and continue cooking for up to 30 minutes and warms for up to 8 hours. Food is cooked in its own moisture and steam, so nutrients are preserved. Compared to a pressure cooker, thermal cooker is 30% more energy efficient.

Advantages & Tips
– No overcooking or burning
– Energy saving
– Time saving: take the food with you on the road while it’s still cooking
– Easy cleanup
– Safer: cordless and non-electric
– Avoid opening the lid: before the cooking is finished, avoid opening the lid to prevent heat loss.
– The fuller the pot, the more efficient cooking. With more food in the inner pot, the thermal cooker can hold the temperature longer.
– Make sure a full boil before placing the inner pot in the thermal cooker. Do NOT heat the outer thermal cooker on the stove.

Features and Functions
– 6 liters capacity
– Portable
– Non-electric
– Energy efficient
– Stainless steel inner and outer pots
– Two inner pots: long and short
– Continues to cook for 10 – 30 minutes after heating
– Keeps cold or warm for up to 8 hours

6 liters
Unit dimension (W x D x H)
11 x 11 x 10
Package dimension (W x H x L)
10.75 x 12 x 11
Net weight
7.5 lbs
Gross weight
8 lbs

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