SM-3804: 3/8″ Extension Kit with 4 Nozzles

SKU: SM-3804


Extension kit for all SPT 3/8″ Misting Systems.

· 3/8″ Hose (10-foot) x 1
· 3/8″ Nozzle Tees x 4
· 3/8″ Nozzle Elbow x 1
· Premium Brass Misting Nozzles x 4
· Clamps x 6

4 Easy Steps to Extend Current Misting System:

Cut the 10′ hose into 5 2′ lengths. Cut nozzle elbow off the end of exiting system. Push and twist tubing 1/2″ into nozzle tees. Install new nozzle elbow at the end of system.
Turn on the water to flush out the system before installing the Misting Nozzles.
Nail Mounting Clamps close to the Nozzle Tees and Elbow. Use protective eyewear.
Carefully install the Misting Nozzles. Make sure O-ring is properly seated. Hand tighten only. Rotate Misting Nozzles to desired angle.


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