SM-1404: 1/4″ Cooling Kit with 4 Nozzles

SKU: SM-1404


Cool off your outdoor living area with this Do-It-Yourself Misting Kit. This high quality pre-assembled system comes complete with 4 brass nozzles that deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist, which can cool the ambient temperature up to 25°F.

· Reduces temperature up to 25°F
· Connects to your standard faucet/spigot
· Premium brass nozzles that are rust free and more resistant to calcium deposits
· High quality UV-resistant material
· Cools patios, play and pet areas
· Clears airborne particles and repels flying insects
· Easy to install
· Fully expandable
· Helps humidify during the dry season
· Coverage area: approximately 15 sq.ft. per nozzle
· Made in the USA

· 1/4″ Hose (18-foot) x 1
· Spigot/Garden Hose Adaptor & Filter Washer x 1
· 1/4″ Nozzle Tees x 3
· 1/4″ Nozzle Elbow x 1
· Premium Brass Misting Nozzles x 4
· Spring-Loaded Clamps x 4

4 Easy Steps to Efficient Misting:

Attach Swivel Adaptor onto the garden hose or outdoor spigot. Hand tighten
Turn on the water to flush out the system. Water should run clear from all Tees and Elbow.
Screw Misting Nozzles clockwise into Tees and Elbow. Make sure the O ring is in place. Hand tighten Nozzles
Attach Misting line with the Spring Loaded Support Clamps. The Clamps should be placed close to the Tees and Elbow. Turn on the water and rotate the Tee/Elbow assembly with finger to adjust misting direction.

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