SP-3201: Hot Water Dispenser with Dual-Pump System (3.2L)

SP-3201: Hot Water Dispenser with Dual-Pump System (3.2L)
Item# SP-3201

Product Description

Always have hot water ready at your fingertips with the new Dual-Pump Hot Water Pot. Features one-touch auto dispense and manual air pump. The air pump allows water to be dispensed even when power is cut off. Ideal for tea lovers or anyone who needs hot-water handy. User friendly, simply add drinking water and unit automatically start to heat water to boiling point. Maintains temperature at boiling point.

Features and Functions

- Manual air pump and 1-touch auto dispense
- Stainless steel inner pot
- Auto reboil and manual Re-boil button
- 360 degree spinnable bottom
- Removable top lid for easy cleaning
- Micro-computerized dry-boil function
- Safety lock for manual pump
- Water volume indicator
- BPA free


Note: Not suggested for use in regions where sea level is above 300 meters. Pot may stay in Boil status and not switch to keep warm.

Input voltage
120V / 60Hz
Power consumption (heat)
700 W
3.2 liters
Unit dimension (W x D x H)
10.24 x 10.24 x 13.39 in.
Package dimension (W x D x H)
12 x 12 x 16 in.
Net / Gross weight
5 / 6 lbs