Click to enlargeAROFLYŽ Smart Bluetooth Bike Meter - Power, Cadence & Speed Meter

AROFLYŽ* is an epoch-making innovation in Cycling Power Meter.

By its world patented brand-new technology and measurement, AROFLYŽ provides most affordable and user-friendly Power Meter to benefit general cyclists.

AROFLYŽ provides a state of the art power meter which displays overall biking data in real time, for people who enjoy cycling and may have their own AROFLY, at a very affordable price.

AROFLYŽ assists the biker ride right to achieve and complete their goal with perfection.

AROFLYŽ The Ultra Smart Biking Meter, the perfect biking solution.

* SPT/Sunpentown is the sole authorized distributor in U.S.A. AROFLYŽ is a registered trademark of TBS Group Corporation.


ARO-001: Bike Meter with Bluetooth Technology
ARO-001: Bike Meter with Bluetooth Technology